Monday, July 19, 2010

Another Move...?

I remember not too long ago when Larry first was out of work saying things like "I'll only move if it's to the midwest..." or "I don't care what you do, just so we don't have to move again!"...well, guess what? Yep, the Lord has been working miracles because I am rejoicing that Larry got a job in Dallas! I don't know how He does it, but I didn't even balk...God completely changed my heart. I'm now anxious for whatever adventure He has for me there, and I realize that He's never let me down and only keeps making me stronger!

The week before our vacation, we took off to explore the Dallas area in case the job offer came through and when it did, we had our house all picked out and were ready to accept the position. Now we leave the details in God's capable hands and begin moving forward. Knowing Him, the best is yet to come!

Summer Vacation...

It's hard to believe that the long anticipated trip back home to Illinois is already over, but we had to shorten it a bit because Larry had just gotten word the night before we left that he did get the job with Ricos in Dallas. So even though it was only two weeks, we packed a lot into the time that we had! I'm not going to mention each thing we did, but they all involved our kids and our grandkids...and that's what makes our time there so special!

Since there are so many people to see and spend time with, I always treasure the moments with my mom. I'm so glad she's happy where she is and with all the friends she has there. This picture was taken at the Ice Cream Social at Wesley was beautifully done!

Some of my best times up north are with my good friends Laurie and Vicki. We take the day and shop and laugh and eat and just celebrate being together. They took the opportunity to celebrate my upcoming birthday...I love my friends!

The last night of our trip was spent doing something that has become a bit of a tradition each year. Everyone joins us in Janesville for dinner and a trip to the park. This year we ate at "Noodles and Co." ...mmm! I don't think the grandkids realize that what this special night means...that we won't see them for another six months, but I for one have never liked goodbyes, so for me it just "until next time..."!