Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Finally...Pictures of the New House!

I've had so many people asking to see pictures of the new house that I finally decided to post the ones of the rooms that are finished. We're still working on Larry's office and the guest room, but those will be finished soon too. It's taken so much longer that usual to feel settled because we've had to replace so much of our furniture that was ruined in the move...VERY frustrating! Fortunately, I found a wonderful shop that sells upscale used furniture and because we had so much to replace, the owner has worked with us and given us some great deals, praise God!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Welcome Home...

Well, we've officially lived here for a month now, so I decided I better get used to calling this "home"! We now live in the Frisco/Little Elm area...Frisco being the much larger town where we will do most of our shopping. Since the house is starting to look a bit more like "Home", we decided to take a Sunday off and explore our new home town. After church, we went to a restaurant that many people had told us to try. It was in a neat little part of town with an antique train, museum and a restaurant called "Babe's".
The restaurant looked like a broken down farm, although it's only a couple years old. Once in the courtyard, it was really neat...kinda like an old homestead!

The food was incredible...lots of fried chicken and pot roast served family style with all the trimmings...Larry LOVED it! My favorite part of course was the atmosphere...country music and the servers even danced!

Sunday afternoons, I've been working with third graders at the Awanas program. Stonebriar Church is a HUGE church, especially considering it was started by a small group of people, who along with Chuck Swindoll, wanted to start a new church in the growing town north of Dallas called Frisco. Well, it grew quickly and now it's hard to believe it's less than ten years old!

Tonight was the Awanas store and I was so impressed with how well it was run...it seems God places me in these unfamiliar surroundings so I can get new ideas for kid's programs, hmm...I wonder what He has in store for me here!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Heartbreaking Move...

Heartbreaking only begins to describe the feelings after this very difficult move! It all began when we had several estimates from professional movers and then got a phone call from a "competitor" saying they would beat the competition by two thousand dollars. Since it was a company move, Larry went to his boss, who told him to go with the least expensive offer. It wasn't until 24 hours after they had left with our stuff that we got a phone call demanding thousands more than we had already paid them. In hindsight, it's easy to see the signs that something was wrong, but that didn't help the situation. When the company finally paid them and they arrived with our belongings, item after item was broken or destroyed. The only good thing was that all of our photographs that I had worried so much about, were virtually untouched. Now begins the long process of putting our lives back together!

After all the discouraging news, Shelley and her "friend" Rusty showed up to our very unsettled house to help us with our unending projects. Amidst the mess and disorganization, we did manage to have some fun meals out where we fell in love (even more)with Rusty, our adopted "son". The best news came on Sunday when we got a call as they were heading home, and Rusty asked permission to date Shelley...our answer?...a very emphatic "yes"!