Saturday, April 17, 2010

Catching Up...

Well, Springtime has arrived in San Antonio, but this year, much like the year we moved here, we've had some torential rain storms. I feel like the weather has been reacting to my mood...kind of sad since we're in such limbo waiting to find what God has in store for us in the way of a job for Larry. Each morning I wake up praying..."God, is this the day you're going to reveal your plan?" but as each day passes. I get a bit more discouraged. Thank heavens I have my escape through my job at school. Larry isn't so lucky. The funny thing is, he's never taken much time off, but now we don't have the money to do the things we've always talked of doing.

Just thought I'd include some pictures that have been taken recently in my classroom...lots of exciting "Art Adventures" taking place!

"Fiesta" kicks off this week here in San Antonio and we begin two weeks of celebrating! Friday, we began with the students participating in a parade with floats they had created at home with their families and then we ended the day with classroom was an exciting day at Encino Park!

Tonight was the final performance of "Disney's Beauty and the Beast Jr" presented by Encino Park Music Dept. I helped throughout dress rehearsals and the closer it got, the more I was amazed by our incredible students...this wasn't just the typical school musical, it was a perfomance they've been working on for a year!

Shelley offered to assist backstage the final night and although I was too busy to see much of her, it was fun just knowing she was there...that is definately one of her God given gifts!