Monday, February 7, 2011


You know, in the last six months since we've moved to Dallas, I've been feeling kind of what am I supposed to be doing with my life. At times it's kind of depressing because I've always liked having lots to accomplish and moving quickly in whatever direction I'm going. It wasn't until Sunday morning that God spoke to me and calmed my heart. It was a simple reminder that I'm not the one in control!

Over 30 years ago, my life was much different. I had been showing hunters and jumpers on the west coast and loving it so much that I planned my entire life around the horseshow circuit, but one weekend, everything changed. I attended a conference where I heard a message unlike anything I had ever heard....that night I gave God COMPLETE control of my life! He lead me on an entirely different path than I had been following. I left my horseshow life and headed to northern California where I was in charge of a riding program at a Christian camp. I fell in love with the people (and horses) I worked with, in particular, the director of the camp and his wife. They became examples of what my goal in life should much different than the path I had previously been on. I spent two summers at that camp as God began grooming me for the life HE had planned. I also met Larry there and we were married two years later.

God blessed us with three daughters through those years and my life was filled with joy in spite of many ups and downs. He took us all over the country in job moves for Larry and it wasn't until we settled in the midwest that He gave us what I believed was my permanant home. I now see that He had us there so that we would have some stability while the girls were growing up, but three years ago, He again changed the path in spite of our desires. We ended up in San Antonio, where He blessed me with a new fullfilling life but He wasn't finished yet. Again He uprooted us and took us north to the Dallas area where we are now, and it's here where I began to feel lost and abandoned. But then Sunday morning, as I was sitting in church, I realized something...I started my Christian life in a church where I heard people talk of Dallas Theological Seminary as the ultimate in Bible teaching and here I sat in a church that is pastored by Chuck Swindoll, the past president of DTS as well as many other scholars from that institution. God has given me this time in my life to glean from others with much more knowledge and experience than I could ever hope for!

So now I'm waiting, with an open mind and an open heart...God will speak to me in His time, as He has before.