Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day...

It's Mother's Day afternoon and it seems kind of strange to be doing nothing today, but it hasn't really been bad because we celebrated with Shelley last night. She and Josh and Ashley came over for a barbeque...ribs and chicken, mmm! Then we watched "The Blind Side", which believe it or not, she hadn't seen yet. Stacey had sent a handmade card and basket filled with Dove chocolates and Shelley gave me a precious Willow Tree collectable that represents her...I love everything. Then when I woke up this morning, Shannon had emailed me a special Mother's Day song...I'm so thankful God blessed me with three daughters!

Since Larry's been out of work, weekends seem to be the hardest for him. After sending out emails all week and not hearing anything back, he's going stir crazy! So last Saturday morning I packed a lunch and we headed north for a nice drive in the hill country. We found a (free) living history farm that was still a working farm...really interesting and made us both wish we still lived in those times in spite of the hard work it would have required.

Before heading home, we even stopped for a picnic at the park by LBJ's was a very relaxing day and helped to get Larry's mind off his situation.

The end of the school year is approaching very quickly. These last few weeks are filled with activities that both the kids and I enjoy, like the rock painting I do with fifth grade. I read a book called "Everybody Needs a rock" and then the students make memory rocks to remember their time at Encino Park. They did a great job!