Friday, January 22, 2010

What's New with Shelley...

As of this week, Shelley has officially lived in Texas for one year, and looking back I think it was a good change for her. She's gone through some rough times, but as with all of us, those rough times brought growth that has helped her become more of the person God desires her to be. The newest thing in her life right now is "Sadie", a three year old Cocker Spaniel she adopted. She brought her over last night so we could meet her and we totally fell in love with her...what a sweetheart!
Other news is her new boyfriend, Josh, who she met at church and is now taking up a lot of her time. We've had him over a couple of times and they seem to be pretty serious...they also seem to be a LOT alike!
She started out when she moved here working at Culvers, but is now working for the same company Larry is...HEB. She works in the "Cafe on the Run..." and seems to be doing well there, in fact she's in the process of moving up to full time with a small promotion. Larry is very proud to have a daughter working for his company and I'm happy to just have her close by!