Sunday, February 14, 2010

February Fun...

February is " Rodeo Time" here in San Antonio and we got tickets to the first weekend so we could see Tim McGraw perform. Shelley is a HUGE fan of his and of course wanted to be was so much fun for me to watch her that I could hardly enjoy him! Anyway, it's getting to be one of my favorite parts of living here in "Cowboy Country". One of my favorite parts of the rodeo is when the three thru five year olds compete to see who can ride a sheep for the longest...they are so competitive that most don't even cry when they fall off and there are cowboys that are there immediately to comfort them. The other part I love is when the teenagers all compete to catch a running after's hysterical!

Early spring is when we have our annual dance for grades three thru five and this years theme was a fifties you can see everyone dressed the part! Both our music teachers are darling and the families went all out with the kids costumes as was a fun night for all.

Since today was Valentines Day, we had a special lesson in Sunday School and then the kids decorated gave me my "kid fix" for the day! Larry and I then took off for Gruene for the day...the weather was beautiful and we enjoyed our dinner at Gristmill and wandering through the antiques for the afternoon. I didn't want Emma to feel left out so I got her a collar and shirt which only lasted a short time...she was so depressed (or humiliated) that I took it off after the picture!