Monday, March 30, 2009

A New Experience...

We were invited to our first San Antonio wedding on Saturday evening and it was a wonderful experience! The bride's parents are good friends of ours from church and we felt very blessed to be included since it was a rather small wedding. It was held atop an old San Antonio building downtown and the reception was held there also. The view from the top was gorgeous and we looked down on an old estate that has been converted to a library. The weather was beautiful, except for the fact that it was rather breezy.

The men in the wedding party were all dressed in traditional Mexican shirts (there's a name for them, but I can't spell it). As soon as the ceremony was over, a mariachi band began to play as beverages were served and then we headed down to the former penthouse for the reception. The food and fellowship were wonderful and it was a perfect first wedding to go to in Texas!

The following morning was a special presentation of the triumphal entry into Jerusalem during the passover. It was held in our outdoor amphitheater for all the children and everyone was given palm leaves to wave as "Jesus" was lead through on a real donkey. It was pretty amazing!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Final Hours...

We met this morning for breakfast at "The Stockholm Inn" to start my final day up north. The Swedish pancakes were wonderful, but the best part was spending time with my mom and the kids!

After breakfast we headed over to the mall so we could spend a little extra time together before I headed to the airport. While we were there, we watched a child jumping on a tramp with a harness so that they can go really high. I asked Lydia if she wanted to try it and got a very enthusiastic "yeah!" ...I couldn't believe what a thrill seeker she is...just like the rest of her family!

The last thing we did was visit Toys R Us where Lydia got in on celebrating Barbie's 50th birthday before picking out her "goodbye Grandma" gift.

"Seussical the Musical"

I wanted my last night to be a special one, so after meeting everyone for dinner at the Rockton Inn, we took Lydia to see "Seussical the Musical". I wasn't sure what to expect taking a three year old to the theater, but she did amazingly well. She was really excited to go although I knew she had no idea what to expect, however from the prelude to the grand finale, she was spellbound! She started out on my lap, but by the intermission, she was in her own seat laughing and clapping in all the right places. I think her exposure to Dr. Seuss books as well as the colorful set and costumes, proved this was the perfect first musical for a child!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Day in the Life of a Preschooler...

This morning started out with an invitation from Shannon to join them for a breakfast of monkey bread and juice...MMMM! While Shannon was busy in the kitchen, Josh took Lydia to the basement to water the tomato plants they've started for their vegetable garden. I think he's training Lydia to be a farmer in the future!

After the yummy breakfast we headed out to the gym for Lydia's preschool tumbling class. She has a ball with her two little friends, even if they don't do everything the teacher asks them to do! At least it gives her a chance to burn off some energy while Shannon gets a chance to visit with other moms...important when you're cooped up in during the cold northern winters!
The last thing we did while we were out was stop by the preschool Lydia will be attending in the fall. She seems so little now, but at the rate time is passing, she'll be heading off to school in no time.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More Northern Adventures...

Time is zipping by and already my trip is halfway over.  Yesterday I visited Rockton Grade School where I used to teach, and visited classrooms dressed as the "Reading Fairy.  I was surprised how many of the little ones remembered me after two long years!

Later that afternoon, I also got to visit the preschool where Stacey teaches.  It is a beautiful building and people raved about what a treasure Stacey is...we've always known that her gift is little ones, but it's nice to know that others appreciate her too.

Then this morning my mom and I met our good friends, Bernie and Lee for breakfast at a darling Swedish restaurant before I headed back to Shannon and Josh's to visit the kids. It's been a great trip so far with the exception of the cold weather...I guess I've adjusted a little too well to San Antonio, because now I can hardly stand the freezing temperatures here.

Monday, March 9, 2009

My Mom's Place...

I was totally unprepared for the surprise I got when I went to visit my mom's new apartment.  I had been rather against the idea of her moving again, but after seeing it, I not only loved it for her, but I would be tempted to live there if I was old enough!  

I loved her apartment and all of her new was such a different look for her.  

The picture to the left is the main entrance into the building and the following one is of my mom sitting at one of the tables in the "Bistro".

Cutest Kids in "My World"!

The first thing I wanted to do after I arrived in Illinois was visit Shannon and the kids.  Lydia is now old enough to remember me so it was fun being greeted by a very enthusiastic three year old!  Of course Grandmas always bring presents, so that was first on the agenda.  Even Shannon had fun going though my shopping finds for the kids.

Joshua on the other hand is still too young to remember me, but he still gave me a big smile when I arrived!  He's kind of getting to be a mama's boy and he absolutely lights up when he sees Shannon.

I even got reaquainted with "Buddy", Shannnons lizard as you'll see in the last picture, where he got a little friendlier than I was expecting!